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Professional services

With our extensive experience of UK tax legislation and our contacts in the fields of international tax, accountancy and law, we aim to create secure foundations for our clients' existing and potential wealth by setting up and administering efficient corporate structures. We are well versed in setting up effective corporate and tax structures in the UK and elsewhere.

In particular we set up Companies and Partnerships in the United Kingdom as well as in jurisdictions where local legislation is based on UK law, including Singapore and Hong Kong.  We are also able to set up companies in a number of other jurisdictions.

The choice of jurisdiction will primarily be governed by commercial considerations relating to our clients' businesses, although other factors, such as the need for stability and practicality will also be taken into account.

In every case, once the type of company and its location have been agreed, we undertake the necessary incorporation procedures on our clients' behalf and the set up of efficient administrative and reporting systems for the company.


The success of any company or trust will always depend as much on its efficient administration as on its structure.

Our comprehensive range of services ensures that any company we set up will be properly managed and will fulfil the objectives agreed between our client and ourselves.

The administration services we offer include: -

Introductions to qualified people willing to act as company directors.

Facilities for the fulfilment of a comprehensive company secretarial role.

Facilities for a registered office address and a correspondence address for clients' mail.

The administration of statutory meetings and the completion and filing of statutory returns in connection with local tax and corporate legislation, as it affects each client company.

A senior person responsible for the client’s business oversees all these services.


No matter what jurisdiction a company may be operating in, its successful management calls for accurate, up-to-date information produced on a regular basis.

As part of our professional accountancy services, we operate fully computerised systems for the production of regular financial reports covering our clients' business activities.

These reports include management & statutory accounts and  when necessary, the supply of any specific documents needed to comply with local fiscal or legal requirements, and other material which our clients' businesses may need in order to function efficiently.

Each client company is administered with the same degree of care and attention to detail, with reports being produced on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, or at other intervals to suit specific commercial requirements.


We are able to offer a discreet and comprehensive advisory service covering all matters relating to the running of any Company as well as providing banking assistance to meet clients' requirements.

We can arrange introductions to major banks, in both the UK and elsewhere, with a view to speeding up the process of opening new accounts for our overseas clients in any of the world's major currencies.

We are able to help our clients in all the relevant dealings with the banks, thus ensuring that their accounts are administered effectively in ways that will best benefit their business interest.

In addition, we also provide a full range of support services that comply with the requirements relating to the opening and transferring of Letters of Credit, and can arrange matters in connection with bank guarantees, performance bonds and other banking instruments needed for trade.


Many of our clients are involved in international trade that entails complex cross-border trade and accounting procedures between several countries.

As part our service, we are not only able to create suitable corporate vehicles which support our clients' business objectives but are also able to advise on and assist with invoicing procedures which will simplify trans-national business transactions.

We can represent our clients' interest with banks, suppliers and customers and can arrange introductions to appropriate trading parties who may prove important to the success of our clients' business ventures.

Our services also cover the administration of our clients' trading documentation, including registration for the purposes of VAT and the formalities required with European Union Sales Listings and Intrastat reporting. We also prepare the quarterly returns needed to comply with various local tax regimes and provide professional advice on more complex VAT issues.


As professional people with considerable expertise in tax advice for clients and their companies, we also provide extensive experience and an in depth understanding of personal tax planning and the administration of foreign investment in the UK.

Through our contacts with professional advisers around the world, we are constantly monitoring developments in trans-national taxation and the likely effects on our clients' interests.

By keeping up-to-date with changes in international tax legislation, we are able to respond to them as they occur.

For our many clients domiciled outside the UK, this flexible response to change enables us to optimise their tax position.


At present the majority of our clients are based overseas. Many of them have been with us for several years.

In addition to structuring and administering new companies for them, we are often involved in finding UK office premises for their businesses and accommodation for their employees.

We also have good contacts with organisations that can assist with visas and work permits for non European Union nationals and can thus often help make it easier for people from abroad to work in the United Kingdom.

We also recognise that new and stimulating business contacts are always important to our clients. With this in mind, we try to introduce clients who may have businesses or activities of mutual interest, whether as trading partners or business associates.

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